Bro. Teignmouth Melvill VC

Bro. Teignmouth Melvill VC. (8 September 1842 – 22 January 1879) was born in London on September 8, 1842, the son of Philip Melvill, Secretary in the Military Department to the East India Company. He was educated at Harrow, Cheltenham, and Cambridge, he graduated B.A. in 1865. Melvill entered the Army in 1865, and became Lieutenant in December 1868.

Teignmouth Melville VC (24th Regt of Foot)

Initiated into Lodge Glittering Star on 10th January 1867, Passed 13th Feb 1867 Raised 19th April 1867 at the time

The 24th (1st Warwickshire) and 29th (1st Worcestershire) were both based in Malta

Evidence of the 24th & 29th in Malta

24th Regiment of Foot

Extract from the historical records of 24th Regiment of Foot, edited by Colonel George Paton, Farquhar Glennie, William Penn Symons and Lt Col H B Moffat

On the 30th September 1866 the battalion embarked, under the command of Colonel E Wodehouse for Malta in the SS Pennsylvania. The strength embarked was thirty officers, thirty-two sergeants, sixteen drummers and six hundred and twenty ranks and file. Amongst the officers that embarked were Ensigns T. Melvill & F.P. Porteous.

 The service companies arrived in Malta on 12th October 1866 and landed on Fort Manoel Island next day. After 15 days quarantine, owing to the existence of Asiatic cholera in the UK, they marched into quarters at Fort Verdala with a company in St. Clements retrenchment. The battalion moved from Verdala to Floriana barracks in February 1868. In September 1869 it removed from Floriana to Fort Ricasoli.

On 29th February 1872 the 1st battalion 24th embarked at Malta in the Indian troopship Jumna for Gibraltar where it arrived 5th March. Amongst the officers that embarked was Lieutenant Melvill

29th Regiment of Foot

Extract of movements of 29th regiment of foot from The Worcestershire regiment website

1865 Mediterranean: Malta (1865 and 1866)

Extract from History of Glittering Star compiled by Jim Bate M.B.E.

1867 – Meetings were held regularly during the tour of duty at Malta. The last recorded entry was on 9th March 1867. On 2nd July the 29th  of Foot embarked on board HMS Tamar for conveyance to Canada

Extract from The Army Medical Department and the Malta Garrison

In the year 1867 – The 29th Regiment had an average of 357 men. There were 207 hospital admissions with 4 deaths in hospital, 2 out of hospital and 1 death among the invalids. 357 men occupied Fort Lower St Elmo Barracks

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