Glittering Star – if you wish to invite us

We hold one of the remaining two Military Travelling Warrants still active, under the Irish Constitution. This means that we can hold a Lodge meeting anywhere and on any day we choose, except for Sundays, Good Friday or Christmas Day. In practice, we visit other Lodges, usually in England and Wales (with the approval of the Province in which your Lodge works).

The format is as follows:
You hold your Lodge meeting, which needs to be a simple business meeting, and close.

We then take over the room, preferably no later than 6.15 pm and hold a full meeting, starting with normal business and then exemplifying a ceremony. As we are under the Irish Constitution, we use the workings of the Grand Lodge of Ireland, which are quite different to those of the English Constitution, and which most English Masons find of great interest.

When we have concluded our business, we then Join you at your Festive Board.
# It would be a courtesy that our Worshipful master is seated next to yours at the dining table.
# Our Director of Ceremonies needs a list of Grand Officers attending, prior to the meeting, names and ranks. This will enable him to prepare suitable salutations for them.
# We travel quite considerable distances to attend meetings, it would be appreciated that light refreshments are available for us prior to the meeting.
# To work our ritual we need to set up an altar in the centre of the lodge. To enable us to do so, a table is needed not less than 4ft by 2ft but not too large prevent perambulation around it
# We make no charge for our services but merely ask for half the Charity Box for our own charitable purposes.